Spiral Island

by Spiral Island

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released March 28, 2017

written, performed, and recorded by Nick Davies in "58B Studios", Madison
mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering, Chicago




Spiral Island Madison, Wisconsin

Spiral Island is Nick Davies. Currently one fifth of Gentle Brontosaurus. Formerly of TL;DR.

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Track Name: you're not going to listen and i can't really blame you
I don’t even know what to say
This was meant to be a Q&A
But I can’t even think of a question to ask
Because you’re not going to listen anyway
Because you’re already thinking what to say
And I can’t really blame you for that
Couldn’t we do this online?
Why does it have to realtime?
I could be so much better with practice
But do I really want to be better at this?
They make it look so easy
I get to the podium and I freeze
The crowd starts laughing and jeering
And then I wake up from the dream
Track Name: pine tree
Pine tree, where’d you go?
I don’t know what to climb anymore
I know your rings without seeing them
We’ve been through all these droughts together
Loose your arrow, loose your arrow
Don’t hold back, don’t hold back
I dive into the water
It doesn’t cleanse me
Track Name: close to your target
You do a little waltz
For the duke’s benefit
He’s always watching
Up in his opera box
This may be your last chance
To get close to your target
It took a hefty bribe
To get another audience
In the baths of Budapest
The bodyguards not far behind
No longer a duke
He sold his title
To pay off gambling debts in Monaco
Must have caught a disease
Because he showed up in Lourdes
To check himself into a sanatorium
Track Name: secrets untrue
The only way to dispose of the isotope
Is to swallow it, so down it goes
I’ll tell you a secret no one else will
Because it isn’t true
Track Name: the warmth
The blinding light of the morning
Does little to warm me
Molecules don’t shiver
But I sure do
I miss the warmth that I once knew
Coffee is a poor substitute
My clothing the wind blows straight through
Whiskey drives the chill away
But I can’t keep that up all day
I’m making a collect call
I’ve got nowhere else to go
Come and get me
Track Name: permanent marker
Reconnoiter revolution acupuncture absolution Coccinella Twilight Saga Cinderella thanks Obama ceragenin foreign legion Ypsilanti epilepsy dictionary tributary functionary pulmonary corollary formulary coronary ordinary category catechism purgatory pugilism abolition prohibition inhibition indecision revolution institution requisition inquisition diplomatic restitution symptomatic automatic autocratic global warming terraforming constitution contraception revolution corollary absolution formulary catechism dictionary indecision tributary inquisition autocratic terraforming constitution global warming abolition restitution evolution dictionary inquisition diplomatic constitution automatic epilepsy tributary purgatory prohibition Ypsilanti epilepsy foreign legion contraception global warming symptomatic
You’re losing hope
I know how that feels
If we don’t look back
Are losing the path?
These are trying times
You’re going to have to be
Stronger than before
Track Name: light and sound
There is no home, there is no earth
There is no hope, there is no birth
There is no love, there is no death
There is no life, there is no left
It's all light and sound
and empty space in between
it's all light and sound
and forces colliding
It must be tiring, always trying to tell
true from false; must we all?
Water and air can combine in so many ways
Who can truly say whether it rained
if a drop never fell upon my head
why should I trust what the others said?
Track Name: falling up
I’m falling up without explanation
The ground is drifting away
The houses around me dilate to points
I rise through the atmosphere
The air thins and the sunlight clears
I reach the apex
And I feel weightless
Hanging there uncertain
I’m falling down
Don’t know how I came to be here
Houses I left below are rushing to meet me
Violently crashing down
Track Name: sirens
Hear the sirens coming fast
The sound is clear and blue
I’m sure they’ve found the evidence
Or they’ll fabricate it soon
I forget the eyes in the trees
That’s how long they’ve been watching me
Somehow I’ve gotten on their list
What can I say, if the portrait fits
The sirens are coming soon
The sound is clear and blue
I bet they’ve found the evidence
Or they’ll fabricate it fast
Track Name: scrutiny
The recording begins
With the hiss of tape
And the whir of the machine
And then muffled words exchanged
The experts mark the place
You’re under scrutiny now
There’s the chirp of the birds
The experts mark the place
You hear the rustle of a bag
And a shot from far away
The recording ends
The tape abruptly unspools
The words they needed to hear
Fell on a deaf microphone
And the proof that you need
Is lost at sea

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